Planning Your Blogging Profit Plan

Planning your blogging profit plan is crucial part of the construction of any monetized blog. But what does it usually involve? Generally, planning your blogging profit plan consists of two things: working on a traffic generation plan and improving conversion rates.

When planning your blogging profit plan, you may want to work on the conversion side first. If you begin sending traffic to your blog before it is monetized properly, your conversion rates could be too low to earn a significant return on your investment; this is especially true if you are paying for traffic from pay-per-click sources, such as Adwords.

One important thing you must consider when planning your blogging profit plan is how you can improve the quality of your copywriting. If you do not feel that you have the expertise or writing skills to convince someone to buy your product, you may want to hire someone to write your salespage for you.

With the recent boom in freelancing markets, you should be able to find a talented copywriter on elance.com or guru.com for a relatively low price per word or page. If your copy is bad, your conversion rate will also be bad, which means you are wasting traffic.

Additionally, you should consider including pre-selling tactics while planning your blog profit plan. You may want to include such pre-selling methods as giveaways, cash prizes, or some other form of interaction for visitors.

The other important part to consider while planning your blog profit plan is your traffic generation methods. No matter what the topic of your blog, you generally have five basic traffic generation methods: pay-per-click programs, which allow you to pay for targeted traffic; natural search engine traffic, which you can build by optimizing onpage and offpage factors; link-based traffic, which you can build by purchasing links from link brokers; list marketing traffic, which you can build by purchasing solo ads from list-owners; and repeat traffic, which you can build by giving visitors a reason to return and by persuading them to bookmark your site.

All things being equal, you must concentrate on traffic generation and conversion rates while planning your blogging profit plan.


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