Choosing a Brand Name (2)

(managementfile - Sales & Marketing) - brand name like that how do you want? Here are her guidelines:
• highlight your identity
Brand will be the ambassador of your business, so he had to emphasize what is your identity. Brand name can indicate the types of businesses directly, or not. It could also just be the name associated with a particular business type, or even did not show anything.

In essence, you must realize that brand names would produce a particular impression to others, whether it be trusted, luxurious, interesting, cool, even funny, strange and ugly. This brand name will become your identity forever, so the impression / identity given by the brand should be an important consideration.

• easy to remember and say
Make sure that your brand is easy enough to remember people and spoken. If people have to listen to your repetitive brand name before him with a right, then it is not a good brand name. The name that easily spelled and pronounced, tend to be easier to remember.

• Creative, out of the box
Creativity in creating a brand name is an absolute. Noted that more than 98% of the words contained in the English dictionary is listed as "dot com". Thus, you must be able to think more creatively to create a name that can represent your brand.

• think about the future
Do not think your brand for the current period, but also the future. Avoid using names that limit the movement of business scope or the specific product type. Also, avoid brand names that also use the name of a particular area, because it can limit the market share in the future.

Choosing a Brand Name Process
Here are the stages of choosing a name brand:
1. Determine the identity, character, image, and what impression you want to show the brand name? Make a list of these attributes. You can also ask the opinion of other parties, such as customers and suppliers to see their perceptions.
2. Do your research. Go to the places where your target market often come to understand about what their habits, what they like, what characters they like, and develop ideas about names and words what is near and can be represent them well
3. Brainstorming to determine alternatives to the corresponding brand names. Exploration of all alternative names that allows to use your brand.
4. Create Shortlist. From the results of brainstorming, to obtain a long list. Next, do a filter by selecting the names and identities in accordance with the desired character of your brand. Get rid of the names that seem less and less prospective in accordance with the criteria.
5. Choosing a Brand Name Final. Next is selecting the final brand name from the shortlist that was made before. Pros

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